Key diet recall memory

Key diet recall memory

A diet that promotes memory is usually a food that increases the secretion of neurons and enhances both anti-oxidation effects; because of the increased response of neurons to the reaction and the transmission of information, anti-oxidation encourages cells in the body to avoid free radical damage.

  Short-term memory, as the age declines, in terms of zoology, the larger the size of the head, the smarter it is, the higher the IQ, so the human intelligence is certainly better than the chicken, duck and fish.

Usually the development of the brain will gradually develop completely in the 10-20 years old, and then slowly degrade with age.

According to a study by the Duke University Medical Center, when people get older, the speed of forgetting the actual content of things in the past is far greater than the memory of the general impression of things, and it is normal.

  Because long-term memory is also called “deep memory”, it is responsible for the hippocampus in the brain. It refers to life skills, etc. It may not appear to be in the state of consciousness after being recorded, but as long as it is recalled, it will restore memory, just likeDriving or similar life skills that I have learned.

Short-term memory declines with age, while long-term memory is less affected by age; but the older the age, the shorter the memory of the record is, the less the “data” into long-term memory will be less.

  The most frequently heard patients in the clinic are those who report amnesia. They are neurology and psychology. More than 60% of the patients are demented patients. The doctors will evaluate them through the dementia scale. 95% of the demented are in 50.After the age of only about 5% is due to heredity.

Leading to the symptoms of dementia and amnesia in young people, usually measured by more than two kinds of scales to confirm the state and degree of dementia.

There are many reasons for the decline in memory caused by dementia. Most of them cannot be cured to maintain or reduce sudden symptoms. Among them, 5% of patients may be due to cerebral edema, vitamin deficiency or abnormal hormones leading to dementia.Memory can be restored by drainage surgery or by supplementation with a lack of nutrients.

  Anti-oxidation in the body, enhance memory and improve memory. It usually refers to foods that increase nerve conduction and improve anti-oxidation. Because of increased neuro-oxidation and increased signal transmission, anti-oxidation helps cells in the body avoid the so-called”Free radicals” damage.

  The promotion of brain development should be divided into three parts, one is the supplement of the brain body.

The entity of the brain is protein, so the older generation will present a statement of brain and brain; the second is the increase in energy required by the brain.

The use of glucose to increase the energy of the brain is indispensable, because glucose is the smallest molecule of starch, energy can supply more fuel to the brain; third is to protect brain nutrition.

Fruits and vegetables, especially those with dark green vegetables, are the anthocyanins that have been proven to scavenge free radicals, and nutritional alternatives such as OPC grape seeds, which are well-recognized by medicine.

  In addition, the lecithin in lecithin is delipidated, unless the extract is extracted, the effect is to be discussed, and if the lecithin extract is obtained, the brain will produce a large amount of acetylcholine, increasing the acetylcholine in the brain.Concentration and function can improve the knowledge. Generally, the market for soy products, eggs, enoki mushrooms, fungus, walnuts, sesame seeds, etc. are easy to obtain.

Coffee proposed in foreign literature helps women’s memory improve, but refers to older women, the use of stimulation to produce experimental results, the impact of coffee on memory and age, and whether the experiment is applicable to all, is to be assessed.

There are also fish oils from deep-sea fish such as salmon, trout, and parasitic fish that activate brain cells or allow for a reduction in memory loss.

  Mediterranean diet can strengthen memory, food diversity, pleochroism, especially the absorption of dark green, deep red and deep yellow ingredients, trying to make yellow and green vegetables such as cereals, tomatoes, fish and other seafood and fruits, beansThe Mediterranean diet, which consists of olive oil and other ingredients, can reduce the oxidative stress in the body and make a memory.