Men improve their combat effectiveness without relying on drugs, 10 things, and change Ding Ding fight

Men improve their combat effectiveness without relying on drugs, 10 things, and change Ding Ding “fight”

Men improve their combat effectiveness without relying on these slender and symmetrical researchers at the University of New South Wales found that men generally have a higher level of affection for girls with long arms in their lives.

On the contrary, the girl with slender legs has the lowest degree of affection.

This is because the slenderness of the arms often reminds the brothers of a comfortable and powerful hug.

The rounded hip male is rarely resistant to the girl’s rounded buttocks.

Even if you are calm on the surface, Tintin’s wake will remind you of this fact.

This is because the main component that forms the rounded wedge is the omega-3 fatty acid.

The role of this fatty acid can often prevent women from producing estrogen, which exudes femininity.

The set of underwear girls’ sets of underwear can often successfully evoke the excitement of men.

This is because we can receive sly hints from girls.

Although the woman around me said that the rabbit does not eat grass, the results of the study show that we often have more fantasies about the female colleagues around us.

A girl who leaves a man out of a single body is often a female colleague around her.

The reason for the pursuit is the heartbeat that can be generated every time you meet.

A woman who looks like her often uses some of her physical characteristics as a benchmark to find a girl who looks like her.

In other words, the person who can successfully provoke Ding Ding’s fighting spirit is ourselves.

A woman’s laughing male is often seduce by the girl’s big laughter, even accompanied by Tintin’s rapid awakening.

The reason is because the girl’s laughter can remind us of the cry of my girlfriend.

The smell of the pumpkin pie is located in the Smell Research Center in Chicago. The scent of the pumpkin pie mixed with lavender can use the blood to rush and successfully increase the excitement of Tintin.

Red is widely believed to be more charming in red or deep red.

Even if the same girl puts on a different color of clothing, men still think that wearing red is the sexiest.

Experts say this may be related to cultural associations in men’s minds.

The red session we successfully associated with the “red light district” and “valentine”.

Moreover, when humans have not evolved completely, female primates will become more rosy when ovulating, thus suggesting a role in male disease.

So, next time you don’t hinder your girlfriend to put on red clothes for a date, maybe you can provide more pleasure for the date.

Fear of this research in the University of British Columbia in developing countries.

The researchers arranged two teams of men standing on two different bridges up to 70 meters above the ground.

One bridge is short and steady, while the other is long and shaking.

After a few minutes, the same sexy hot girl asked them regular questions.

The study found that the answers to the men who stood on the more swaying bridge were more explicit.

Thus triggering fear can successfully stimulate the brain and make people feel like they are open.

In other words, if your brothers feel exhausted, they can go for an umbrella and smash the pole, which will help the core problem to be solved smoothly.