What can be used to relieve the taboos of Chinese medicine in these diseases?

What can be used to relieve the taboos of Chinese medicine in these diseases?

Massage massage is a common health treatment method for traditional Chinese medicine, but most people do not know that massage therapy also has corresponding principles and requirements when treating diseases. Let’s take a look at it together.

Massage can alleviate various painful diseases of these diseases: pain is one of the most common symptoms of treatment with massage, including various acute injuries, pain caused by chronic strain, and chronic pain caused by various soft tissues and joints of the human body.Such as stiff neck, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, acute lumbar sprain, chronic lumbar muscle strain, lumbar disc herniation, etc.; neuropathic pain, such as sciatica, intercostal neuralgia, piriformis syndrome, etc.; caused by surgeryPain, such as wound pain, pain in wounds, and low back pain caused by anesthesia.

Various asthmatic diseases: Massage has obvious curative effect on various acute and chronic inflammatory pains, and is widely used in the treatment of sudden death diseases such as bronchitis, pneumonia, acute and chronic cholecystitis, gastritis, enteritis, arthritis and myocarditis.And health care.

Endocrine and metabolic disorders: Simple obesity and diabetes are two common endocrine dysfunction diseases.

Absolutely, more and more people use massage to treat simple obesity and diabetes, and have achieved satisfactory results, but most of the treatment cycle is long and the curative effect is slow.

Maternal and pediatric diseases: massage for chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, breast hyperplasia, uterine fibroids, pediatric diarrhea, pediatric torticollis, pediatric enuresis, pediatric obesity, pediatric malnutrition, etc. have a certain therapeutic effect, especially for the treatment of pediatric diseasesFast, economical and practical, it has been welcomed by people.

Other diseases: Massage is also widely used in middle-aged and elderly health care, beauty, weight loss, sports injuries, etc., for myopia, rhinitis, tinnitus, irritability and other ENT can also have better curative effect.

The 7 major treatment principles of massage are strong: “strong” means strong tendons, that is, muscle flexion and extension; “loose” means loose tendons, relax and loosen.

Injury can lead to muscle contraction fractures; the data room should use relaxation techniques to reduce muscle contraction.

Cold is warm: “Cold” refers to all those who suffer from cold, cold, or deficiency syndrome; “Wen” refers to Wentong, warm, all kinds of traumatic diseases are related to cold and cold, or lack of yangAt the same time, cold evil can aggravate the injury; the treatment room should use the Wentong method to achieve the purpose of warming cold and eliminating the evil and helping the yang.

瘀 祛 祛: “瘀” means blood, “祛” means 祛瘀, 祛.

Blood stasis is a common symptom of injury. Treatment should be carried out by activating blood stasis.

The swelling is eliminated: “swelling” refers to swelling, and “elimination” refers to dissipating and swelling.

Swelling is a common symptom of injury. The treatment should be done by swelling and swelling.

Loss is adjusted: “missing” refers to visceral dysfunction, “tune” refers to adjustment, reconciliation, adjustment.

The visceral dysfunction caused by any quadriplegia is still dysfunctional dysfunction caused by yin and yang, qi and blood, and meridian dysfunction. The treatment room should be replaced with a regulating effect.

The method of reconciliation is to regulate the organs, meridians, and blood.

Condensation moves: “condensation” refers to gluten, tendons, and “moving” refers to helping the limbs to restore joint movement.

The treatment of gluten and gluten reduction function should be assisted in the treatment to achieve the purpose of restoring the disease.

Sai Tongtong: “plug” refers to different meridians and nasal plugs, “pass” refers to dredge.

Meridian nasal congestion, qi and blood operation is blocked, nowhere is pain; treatment should be used to clear the meridians to relieve pain.

What are the taboos for TCM massage? First, the massage should be appropriate.

The massage technique is durable, powerful, even and soft.

Need to have a certain amount of strength, otherwise it will not be able to get health care, treatment effect, if excessive force, it will easily cause muscle, ligament, joint and other tissue injuries.

The intensity is slightly sore for the patient, but it can be tolerated.

In essence, it is not suitable for massage after a full meal.

Receiving a massage after being full will affect digestion. Obesity massage causes dizziness due to hypoglycemia, and post-drinking massage will accelerate the spread of alcohol to the whole body and even the risk of alcoholism.

Furthermore, it is not advisable to have a stomach attack.

If there are some internal injuries such as visceral contusion and laceration, early fracture, skin rupture, etc., massage should be performed; women should not be massaged during menstruation, especially in the lower abdomen and lumbosacral massage. Otherwise, menstrual blood may be passed.More; for heart disease, liver disease, malignant tumors and other serious diseases, as well as acute perforation of the stomach, duodenum, massage will aggravate the disease; for traumatic bleeding, blood in the stool and other hemorrhagic, it is more massage bleeding.

Finally, the sick must be strictly operated.

In addition to contraindications, certain diseases must be strictly operated when using massage massage: patients with chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes, excessive or inappropriate massage may cause sudden disease and should be used with caution.

Old and infirm, delicate skin children, improper massage gradually lead to joint and soft tissue damage, so these people should be careful to massage with massage.

Patients who cause pain, fractures, etc. should also use massage carefully before definitive diagnosis.

It is best to take the X-ray film to the massage doctor and decide how to massage on the basis of the clear condition.