Medical experts remind Chinese medicine to pay attention to tea

Medical experts remind Chinese medicine to pay attention to tea

In fact, there are quite a few people who often have pregnant Chinese herbal teas or pieces.

Young people mainly want to lose weight: middle-aged and elderly people mainly want to lower blood pressure and lower blood fat; and some men who often go out to socialize have heard that “Gegen” can hangover, just before the feast.

These people believe that using Chinese medicine to make tea can not only replenish the water needed by the human body, but also supplement disease and health care.

  Pharmacy experts remind people that Chinese medicine is not something anyone can eat.

Some dried flowers, Chinese herbal medicine when tea is replaced is a big obstacle to the body, but some are not suitable for replacement.

Chinese herbal tea has certain pharmacological effects and adapts to the population. It is safe and effective to use dried flowers and Chinese herbal medicines. It is best to take it under the guidance of a doctor.

  The fat sea is a pure Chinese medicine. It only allows the wind and heat cult poison to injure the hoarseness caused by the throat. Because of the vocal cord nodules, the vocal cords are incompletely closed or the hoarseness caused by excessive alcohol and tobacco is invalid.

Moreover, with the fat sea, there will be complications such as thin stools and chest tightness, especially those with sudden arrhythmia and spleen in the elderly.

  Insufficient tea of Cassia can clear the liver and improve eyesight, lowering blood pressure and lowering blood pressure, and relaxing the bowels, but it can cause diarrhea. It is not suitable for spleen and stomach deficiency, spleen diarrhea and hypotension patients, otherwise it is not good for the body.

  Although licorice has the effects of replenishing spleen and replenishing qi, clearing away heat and detoxifying, long-term use can cause edema and blood pressure.

  Chrysanthemum tea can clear away heat and detoxification, and has certain auxiliary therapeutic effects on hypertension, arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease, but it is not suitable for people with yang deficiency.

  Ginseng tea supplements vitality, stimulates the body and soothe the nerves, replenishes the spleen and the lungs, can excite the nervous system, improve immunity and resist aging.

However, if you are strong or strong, if you take ginseng for a long time or too much, it is easy to dry mouth and even nose bleeding.

  Fan Ye tea can pass stool, used for hot constipation, habitual constipation, small dose can be used for laxative effect, but women should not take it during lactation, menstruation and pregnant women.

  Orange peel has the effects of heat, anti-inflammatory, phlegm and appetizing. Therefore, many people like to drink tea with orange peel.

However, because the orange trees are often exposed to pests and diseases, in order to prevent insects, during the flowering of the orange trees, the fruit farmers often have to spray a large amount of pesticides.

In this way, some pesticides will naturally remain on the orange peel.

In addition, in order to prevent bacteria from invading the orange, the orange preservation period is prolonged, and after the ripe oranges are removed, the fruit growers are soaked with the preservative and then marketed.

This practice will have no effect on the flesh, but some toxins will remain on the orange peel.

If you use it to make tea, the toxins left on the orange peel will dissolve into the water, and people who drink it are harmful to the body.

  Drug experts reminded: Chinese herbal tea should be replaced under the guidance of doctors. Many Chinese herbal medicines are very particular in terms of dosage and usage. It depends on the disease and varies from person to person.

For example, many diet pills contain rhubarb, which has a diarrhea effect and needs to be compatible with other drugs so as not to cause harm to the human body.

Another example is that people often use Ginkgo biloba to boil water to lower blood pressure. For patients, what amount of drink and how much residue to drink should vary from person to person.

Pharmacists especially emphasize that you should not replace dried flowers and Chinese herbal medicines as supplements. No matter whether the dosage is too large or the taking time is too long, toxic side effects may occur.

Patients who are taking western medicine should pay attention to Chinese herbal tea. Inappropriate Chinese and Western medicine may cause harm to the body.