Lowering cholesterol, eating good phytosterols every day is a good thing.

Lowering cholesterol, eating good phytosterols every day is a good thing.

“I have cholesterol!

“The words that have been circulated from the movie “McDull Dangdang” have now become self-warning for too many white-collar workers.

Reduced exercise and improper precipitation have caused more and more young urban white-collar workers to have a relationship with high cholesterol.

Please pay attention – the latest survey of nutrition and health status of Chinese residents shows that the prevalence of dyslipidemia in adults is as high as 18 per year.

6%, hypercholesterolemia 2 .

9%, 3.

9% of people have elevated blood cholesterol levels and are always facing severe aggravation of hypercholesterolemia.

However, the status quo of chronic hypercholesterolemia is worrying, and the plasma awareness rate and compliance rate of the population are very low.

  The China Health Education Center recently launched the “Balanced 2010· Plasma Health Transmission Action”

, which aims to raise public awareness of the health of diabetes, improve diet and establish a healthy lifestyle.

  Cholesterol standards vary from person to person. “In our blood test report, only total plasma over 230-240mg / dL is indicated as elevated blood tuberculosis. Some medical insurance institutions only pay for the reimbursement of lipid-lowering drugs for patients who achieve this level.

Hu Dayi, president of the Cardiovascular Physician Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, said that the normal population and patients with coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or patients with myocardial infarction or stroke have different normal blood lipid levels.

If you have had a myocardial infarction, have had an interventional stent or coronary artery bypass surgery, or have diabetes and multiple risk factors at the same time, you should replace low-density diabetes with 100mg / dL; while other risk groups have a target level of130mg / dL or higher.

“The results of using the same standard weight difference population make the most urgent need for lipid-lowering treatment, and most of the largest patients can mistakenly believe that they have no lipid-lowering, or that medication is restricted by medical insurance.”

Hu Dayi believes that plasma management is very important in the pathogenesis of coronary heart disease.

In fact, those at high risk should continue to treat plasma levels to serum levels in order to effectively prevent coronary heart disease and stroke disease.

Evidence from a large number of clinical trials has shown that only reduction in myocardial infarction by blood pressure control is reduced to half the expected level.

Regardless of the method used, as long as the blood cholesterol level can be lowered, the risk of myocardial infarction can be further significantly reduced.

Combined with lowering blood pressure and lowering cholesterol, it can reduce myocardial infarction and stroke more effectively.

  Do not smear the plasma to the high cholesterol, there are two methods of diet and medication.

Yang Xinchun, director of cardiovascular medicine at Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, said that if cholesterol is high, but there is no coronary heart disease, high blood pressure and other diseases, just adjust the diet, eat less high-pressure foods, such as egg yolk, crab yellow, animal internal organs, etc., eat more vegetables,Fruits, beans, oats and other foods, and then increase the amount of exercise.

If the plasma is high and there are diseases such as coronary heart disease and high blood pressure, it is necessary to take the medicine to lower the plasma.

  ”Many people think that cholesterol is a bad thing, and it smells like plasma.

In fact, plasma also plays an important role in human health.

Yang Xinchun explained that plasma is an important part of the human cell membrane. Without plasma, cells cannot maintain normal physiological activities and life will be terminated.

In addition, plasma can also form bile acids, synthetic hormones, which play an important role in the normal operation of the body.

The risk of disease is only caused when there is excessive plasma in the body.

Some people are very extreme. Even if their plasma parameters are normal, it is unscientific to refuse to eat eggs and eat meat in order to prevent them from happening. After all, these foods also contain other nutrients needed by the human body.

  Yang Xinchun also pointed out that strategies to maintain heart health include the following: reducing dietary and dietary intake of saturated fatty acids; increasing dietary fiber intake; increasing physical activity; controlling high blood pressure; and quitting smoking.

“Adding phytosterols to everyday foods is a good way to reduce bad cholesterol.

“Phytosterols are a good thing, plant sterols, which play a role in maintaining the balance of free radicals in the body and are regarded by scientists as the key to life.

  So how does phytosterols “beat” bad plasma?

Professor Li Keji from Peking University School of Public Health made a very interesting analogy.

“Phytosterols and cholesterol are a pair of family, but God only arranged a seat for them.

They enter the human body and they fight when they meet.

First, it is digesting and absorbing, just like when we squeeze the subway, we start from the “security check”. In the process, plant sterols will implant bad things, and you can’t get on the subway without security.

The second step is to enter the intestine system, the brothers will fight, there are plant sterols, the bad cholesterol is not so happy.

Wait until the third step, above the cell, the two brothers are still playing, hit and fight, the end result is reduced absorption of bad cholesterol, which reduces blood cholesterol.

According to this expert, bad cholesterol is not sitting still after sitting in the seat, but sitting and standing again, it is dynamic, and the plant’s suffocating ass sinks, if it takes up the position, it rarely moves.In this way, in the competition between the two, once the plant sterol overlaps the necrotic position, it can easily let it leave the human body without a place.

  It is understood that in China, phytosterols passed the approval of new resource foods in 2007, and earlier this year passed the new resource food certification under the new national regulations.

“If you are shopping at a supermarket and find a label on a food label that contains phytosterols, consider buying it.

Li Keji said.

  The expert’s “balanced diet” study shows that normal people add 1 per day.

3 grams of plant sterols, combined with reasonable estimates, can improve dyslipidemia.

The problem is that through natural foods, only phytosterols can be absorbed 200 to 400 mg per day, and 1.

3 grams has a difference.

How to do?

It is conceivable to use the “tonic” of food supplemented with phytosterols.

“Some, the United States is adding phytosterols to foods such as bread, milk, cooking oil, etc., which is a good way.

Yang Xinchun said.

  “Reducing cholesterol, in addition to following the doctor’s advice with lipid-lowering drugs, the scientific lifestyle is crucial.

Professor Fan Zhihong, professor of nutrition and food safety at the College of Food Science, China Agricultural University, also recommended a daily diet for the public to lower blood sugar and help balance the body: 250ml of milk + instant oatmeal (30g)Paste; 2 slices of whole wheat steamed bread, 1 spoonful of walnut kernels; 1 serving of fruit.

Lunch: dried peas with peas and tofu; 150g of spinach and seasoned with 10g of sesame; sweet potato rice (50g, sweet potato 100g); soy milk 1 cup 300g.

Dinner: 1 bowl of eight-treasure porridge (red beans, mung beans, coarse rice, glutinous rice, barley, peanuts, dried yam, lotus seeds, etc. 40g, plus 2-3 dates); fried green cauliflower; steamed egg tarts (half of eggs);Flammulina velutipes and kelp.

(Li Ying)