What are the contraindications to the fungal vaginitis diet?

The patient’s diet should be banned

What are the contraindications to the fungal vaginitis diet?
The patient’s diet should be banned

How does fungal vaginitis occur?

In addition to the need to use the medicine under the guidance of a doctor, daily diet conditioning is also very important to understand what to eat fungal vaginitis.

Patients with fungal vaginitis diet taboo 1, avoid spicy food.

For example, pepper, white wine, mustard, curry, star anise and other spicy and irritating foods should be avoided during treatment; 2, avoid hair.

Shrimp, mutton, beef, dog meat, sea fish, seafood, etc. are not conducive to the elimination of inflammation in patients.

3, sweet food.

For example, candy, cream cake, fat pork, etc., this warming effect will increase the secretions.

4, avoid tobacco and alcohol.

The reception will increase the warmth, and the alcohol and tobacco are not conducive to the recovery of the disease.

Fungal vaginitis should eat food 1, a large number of live lactic acid bacteria in the yogurt, this lactic acid bacteria can enter the body, can control the overproduction of bacteria such as Candida albicans, strengthen the team of bacteria, balance the flora, robes adjustThe acid and alkali environment of the vagina.

2, garlic garlic is rich in allicin and garlic and other substances, is a natural bactericidal substance, for fungal vaginitis caused by Candida albicans infection, has a good bactericidal anti-inflammatory effect, can inhibit excessive bacteriaBreeding.

3, leeks leeks have qi, heat, detoxification, eyesight, the role of the size of the intestines, for patients with more serious vaginitis pruritus, you can often eat some leeks to help ease, in addition, cabbage, mustard,Celery and the like also have the same effect.

4, lentils lentils sweet, flat, with spleen, and in the benefits of qi, dampness, heat, can treat spleen deficiency and dampness, do not think about diet, loose stools, excessive leucorrhea, etc., can helpImprove the increase in vaginal discharge in patients with fungal vaginitis.