[The method and ingredients of steamed flour]_ making method _ how to make

[The method and ingredients of steamed flour]_ making method _ how to make

Steamed flour is a relatively common food. Many people prefer to eat it. Its nutritional effect is also very good. The method of steaming flour is not difficult. When making it, you must understand its formula and understand some of its production.In general, when cooking steamed rice, there are relatively few ingredients. The most common ingredients are pork belly, steamed rice noodles, and some other condiments. We need to know about the steaming method and ingredients.

The practice and ingredients of steamed flour. Main ingredients: pork belly with skin 500 grams. Auxiliary materials: 1 bag of steamed rice noodles in the supermarket; onion ginger; aniseed;

Cut the pork belly slices into 1 cm thick and 8 cm long pieces, coded in a bowl and set aside.


According to the ratio of meat slices to rice noodles in the seasoning bag, sprinkle rice noodles; sauce on the meat slices.

Add water, scratch well and extend 1 cm above the slice.


In order to make the meat pieces more flavorful, after the meat pieces are evenly mixed, they are refrigerated for one night.


After refrigerating for one night, the water was basically drained.


Take 1 empty bowl, brush with raw oil, size the pieces and place them in the pan.


After steaming the steamer, cover a plate over the meat bowl and steam over high heat for 1 hour.


Off the fire take 8.

Put the bowl upside down on the plate, you can eat steamed rice noodles to determine the two key points of success or failure1.

Soak overnight: after mixing the meat slices with the seasoning, do not immediately heat it to steam. After the meat slices are wrapped and seasoned, put them in the refrigerator and refrigerate overnight to make the meat slices more flavorful.


One centimeter: After mixing the rice noodles with the sliced meat, add water to be 1 cm higher than the sliced meat and then put it in the refrigerator. Make sure that the sliced meat absorbs excessive moisture and the sliced meat is tender.

The practice of Guangdong steamed sausage powder and soup ingredients 1.

Blend 500 g (1 lb) of old rice with 600 grams of water for more than three hours (the purpose is to make the old rice absorb the proper amount of water from the intestinal flour, the ground rice is more delicate, and the length of the refiner is extended).

Grind the same amount of old bag of rice and clean water, pay attention to the speed of pulping, or the heating of the pulping machine will cause too much cooked pulp and affect the quality of sausage powder.


Blend 50 grams of wheat flour with an appropriate amount of water, and blend with the rice milk of step 2 evenly.


Wash the cooked pulp, the ratio of raw pulp to cooked pulp is about 10: 1, add refined salt