[How long is the chicken cake steamed]_Steaming time_How to steam

[How long is the chicken cake steamed]_Steaming time_How to steam

Chicken cake is a kind of food that most children prefer to eat. Chicken cake is the egg that is broken and steamed together.

But everyone’s steamed chicken cake is different.

Some people will find that some steamed chicken cakes look particularly delicate, and some chicken cakes have a particularly large surface, so steamed chicken cakes also need to be skillful.

Let’s see how long the chicken cake will be steamed.

Generally speaking, the time is about 10-15 minutes, the method is as follows 1.

One fresh egg.

Scoop into a bowl, mix with an eggbeater, add a small amount of salt and mix well. At this time, the egg liquid will be thinner and yellower than before.


Add water now.

The best is warm water.

Cold water is not very good, hot water is even worse, as soon as it rushes in, it becomes an egg.

How long is the chicken cake steamed 3.

The amount of water is very important. Too little will make the custard denser and older. Too little will make it difficult to form and the taste will be watery.

Then, I usually take an egg and measure the eggshell water.

Just put the two half of the eggshell apart and fill it with water. If you install it twice, it will be two eggshells. Simply put, water is two cups of egg liquid.


Add a small amount of oyster sauce to the water and mix thoroughly with the egg mixture.

Add a small amount of lard.


Okay, the egg liquid is all prepared. Now let’s talk about the steaming process.

The surface of the eggs is smooth as a mirror.

Boil a pot of water and place on a steamer.

After the water must be boiled, put the egg liquid on the steaming compartment, and then turn on the low heat. The lid of the pot must be left seam, not tightly covered.

The steamed custard will not have honeycomb eyes, nor will it taste old.


About 10-15 minutes, the egg scoop should be almost fine.

Sprinkle some green onions (you can also add meat tincture, etc.), just a few drops of steamed fish tincture is acceptable.

For children, steamed egg custard and egg flower soup are the most suitable, because these two methods can release protein and are easily digested and absorbed by children.

Eggs are high-protein foods. If you eat too much, you can cause metabolic growth and increase the burden on the kidneys. Generally speaking, children and the elderly one per day, adolescents and adults two per day are more suitable.

So be careful not to eat too much eggs.