[Can I make wine]_ 枇杷 _How to make wine_How to make wine

[Can I make wine]_ 枇杷 _How to make wine_How to make wine

Is a kind of fruit, very sweet, cough and phlegm effect is obvious, with a certain cooling effect.

There are many ways to eat and you can use it to make wine.

Wine is a kind of fruit wine, which is not easy to get drunk, but also pay attention to the amount, occasionally drinking can also increase appetite.


Under normal circumstances, tincture can be used to drink wine.

枇杷 Contains carotene, vitamin C, potassium and calcium and other nutrients, has the effect of reducing sugar and cough, moisturizing the lungs and clearing heat.

It can be used to help treat cough, sore throat and other lung and respiratory diseases. It can increase appetite and also help insomnia.


Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Weiwei Ganpingping has the effects of nourishing the lungs, relieving cough, and clearing heat and diuresis. It has a very good effect on some chest tightness, as well as the symptoms of lung dysentery, cough and sputum.

It is rich in nutrients, especially vitamins, amygdalin and so on.

Therefore, taking alcohol for women during lactation will not affect their health at all, but will have many benefits.


Since ancient times, tincture has cleared the lungs, relieves qi, relieves cough, moisturizes the lungs, refreshes the sound, clears the heat and clears the body, and nourishes the skin.

Liquor fermentation experiments show that the aromatics of Loquat fruits are mainly hexanal, ketone hexanoate, ethylene glycol butyrate, and very small amounts; during the fermentation process, many new flavoring substances, such as phenylethanol, lactone,Ester substances; the aromatic compounds of loquat fruit during the fermentation process have a loss of cohesion, which has a penetrating effect on the flavor of loquat wine.